CanningCanning Homemade Delicious Pears Recipe

Canning Homemade Delicious Pears Recipe

This method of Canning Homemade Delicious Pears Recipe is a simple culinary adventure. You will enjoy eating your pears in the cold of winter.

Canning Homemade Delicious Pears Recipe

After pealing it, you should remove all the seeds in it. If there is a tough membrane—that should also be removed. And you need a fresh filtered water to place the pealed Pear into. Quantity? The water should barely cover the surface of it so that all the Pears will be preserved properly.

Then you need to add Lemon and Sugar. The quantity of the Lemon and Sugar depends on the quantity of the Pear you are using. If you decided to use 2 Pounds of Pears, 1 lemon and 1.5 cups of Sugar will suffice. But if it is 4 Pounds you decide to use, you should also double the quantity accordingly. That will give you the desired result.

You should let it cool off after boiling it for about 15 minutes. The Pears should not be soft! So when boiling it, it is better to be observant as the stipulated time can be too much depending on the type and nature of the fruits you will be using. Actually, other factors also apply. So observe it closely.

And then you can put them in the sterilized container or jar you want to use in the preservation—with the mixture of Sugar and Lemon. Do not discard anything! Also, you should boil it in a boiling water to sterilize for about 20 minutes. And when you are putting it in the preservation jar or container, please be careful because the fruits are more fragile now that it is boiled. That is it!

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