CanningCanning Jam Of Cranberry And Pear Recipe

Canning Jam Of Cranberry And Pear Recipe

Canning Jam Of Cranberry And Pear 2 Different Ways

This recipe to make homemade canned pear and cranberry jam is nice for two different reasons. First you used dried cranberries which you can find all year round, so as long as you can buy or grow 3 cups of chopped pears you can make this jam.

Canning Jam Of Cranberry And Pear Recipe

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The other reason is because there are two different versions to the recipe. There is a regular jam and then there is a low sugar recipe for folks that prefer not to have a lot of sugar. It is canned in the water bath canner. You will have approx. 5 cups of jam when you are finished. I love the colors, it is a pretty jam and would look very tasty on toast or and English muffin. Common Sense Home shares this recipe.

If you are looking to add jam and jelly recipes to your list of things to make this year check out These  Best of 2013 Jellies and Jams Canning Recipes for a really nice round-up of jam and jelly recipes and you may find one or two new favorites to make. It is so nice when you can make your own jar of jam and then to see your family enjoying the jam and knowing that it is made with good ingredients and that you know exactly what went in that jar.


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