CanningCanning Milk Pressure Canner Food Storage Project

Canning Milk Pressure Canner Food Storage Project

This Canning Milk Pressure Canner Food Storage Project was designed to help introduce homesteading readers to how to use canning to preserve milk for themselves in their own kitchen. It can be raw or store-bought milk, cow’s milk or even goat’s milk.

Just so you know, National Center for Home Food Preservation do not recommend any process for canning these dairy products. There are some rebel canners out there …… Canning Controversy

Canning Milk Pressure Canner Food Storage Project

Canning is one of the oldest methods used to extend the usefulness of fresh-grown produce. The same method can be used successfully for fresh MILK and allow it to be stored over a longer period of time.


Equipment needed:

Pressure canner

Quart or Pint jars

Canning lids with rings

Jar lifter to help you get the hot jars out of the canner

The author was looking to help share their knowledge of canning with everyone.

They discovered through both research and their own testing that the shelf life of fresh milk can be extended by using the same canning method used to prepare vegetables and other perishable foods. The article describes the exact method and steps that are needed to be followed.

All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and follow.

Click here to read about Canning Fresh Milk Food Storage Homesteading Project:


As an added bonus, You may want to take a peek at the article “Home Canning Milk Via Pressure Canner”:


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