CanningCanning Peaches With Honey

Canning Peaches With Honey

Peaches are showing up now and what better way to save them for winter than canning them to add to your pantry shelves. A lot of folks are trying to do without sugar or at least cut a lot of sugar out of their food so this recipe might be a good way to can your peaches since it uses honey instead of sugar. By dipping your fresh peaches into boiling water and then in ice water you can usually slip the peel off fairly easily. The Prairie Homestead shares this recipe for canning peaches with honey and they even add a cinnamon stick to each jar. While they don’t call for lemon juice I would add a little just to preserve the gorgeous color of ripe peaches.


If you have loads of peaches and are looking for some recipes to use them in you might like this recipe for Lemon Verbena Poached Peaches, they are a beautiful way to serve peaches and it is a simple process to poach them in water that has been sweetened and has lemon verbena added to give it a fantastic flavor. Or if you are looking for a baking recipe you could try Fresh Tart of Peaches and Cherries which is a beautiful dessert using bot the peaches and the cherries that are plentiful right now. I love fresh peaches and all these ways of using them are good. Some to use now and some to put up for the cold winter months.


Get the recipe>>>>   Canning Peaches With Honey

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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