Canning Redbud and Lilac Jellies

If the redbuds and lilacs have not finished blooming in your area yet you are in luck. Learn about canning redbud and lilac jellies and you can add some jars of beautiful color to your pantry shelves. They both taste floral and when you make them a little lemon juice is added so they have a nice taste made bolder by the lemon juice.

Canning Redbud and Lilac Jellies


Making floral jelly is super easy because you don’t have to peel or slice or blanch or any of the hard parts of making fruit jellies and jams. You do have to time it right so that you don’t miss the flowers and buds though. Once you pick your flowers and buds you leave them in water for 24 hours before you make the jelly so plan to do the picking one day and the jelly making the next.

The recipe for these jellies is from A Nest For All Seasons. I just love the gorgeous colors of the jellies. Sitting on the pantry shelf they would look like sparkly gems just waiting to be discovered. Spread on toast, biscuits, scones and English muffins. You could also tie a tag around the jar and give some one the gift of your labors with a pretty jar of floral jelly.

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