CanningCanning Tomatoes For Homemade Tomato Sauce

Canning Tomatoes For Homemade Tomato Sauce

Learn how to large batch canning tomatoes for homemade tomato sauce with this delightful informative lesson from an older generation.

Canning Tomatoes For Homemade Tomato Sauce

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Canning tomatoes refer to putting tomatoes in glass jars and cooking them outside in a big pot, which results in homemade tomato sauce. How does this work? Get multiple Mason jars and dome lids, the very extra large pot to boil multiple jars, an electric crusher, and a cast iron stove burner. In addition, get sharp knives, a Mason jar handler, stainless steel bowls and ladles, basil leaves to cook them with, and bushels of tomatoes.

First, wash all of the tomatoes freshly clean. Remove the core of the tomatoes and cut the rest into 4 pieces. Cook them for 30 minutes; then, put the tomatoes into the electric crusher, and crush away. This will take some time and it will be quite messy, which is why the large bowls will be there to catch the tomatoes. Have the clean Mason jars ready and fill them with the tomatoes plus 2 basil leaves each. Put the lid on tightly and stick the rings on them to keep it still.

Next, fill the massive pot with water and let it boil. Put the jars in the boiling water for 45 minutes; then, take out with the jar handler and some dishtowels. Once it cools off and the lids are still tightened up, put the jars in cool, dry place to let the sauce settle in. Once opened, put in the fridge, like any other jar as instructed.


Ball Mason Jars

Bands with dome lids

Extra large pot for boiling jars

Electric Tomato Crusher

Cast Iron Stove Burner

Mason Jar handler (this is used to lift the boiling jar out of hot water)

3-4 sharp knives for cutting plum tomatoes

2-3 extra large stainless steel bowls

2-3 extra large ladles

Lots of clean dish towels and old clothing


6 bushels Plum tomatoes

2-3 fresh basil leaves are needed for each mason jar, so you’ll want to have 8-10 bunches of basel available

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