CanningCanning Tropically Exotic Pineapple Jam

Canning Tropically Exotic Pineapple Jam

Canning this tropically exotic Pineapple jam is a bright colorful delicious addition to your food storage pantry shelves that you can enjoy year round.

Once you try this scrumptious pineapple jam that can be made frugally, cheaper than you can find in the grocery store if you are lucky enough to find it at all. You will be able to make a better quality of jam than you can buy because it will not be full of chemical preservatives.

This recipe should be made in small batches otherwise you will have it will be necessary to be to use a larger amount of pineapple juice forcing it to be boiled longer thus causing loss of flavor, darkening of the jam, and toughening of the finished product.

Processing times are for a rolling boil in the canning pot.

Sterilized pint jars should be processed according to your altitude from sea level (yes this matters):

0 – 1000ft = process for 5 minutes

1,001 ft – 6,000 ft = 10 minutes

Above 6,000 ft = 15 minutes

Once pint mason jar is open and being eaten, please refrigerate.

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Canning Tropically Exotic Pineapple Jam

Did you know that if you turn a Pineapple upside down for a half an hour that the natural sugars will move down towards the center of the Pineapple?. You will get more of that delightful flavor in your recipe that way.

Click here to read about the detailed method of water bath canning tropically exotic Pineapple jam recipe:


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