DessertsCantaloupe Gummy Snacks

Cantaloupe Gummy Snacks

Cantaloupe gummy snacks are little snacks that are packed with nutrition. These are made with fresh fruit, gelatin and honey. The nutritional benefits from the cantaloupe is that you will get a lot of vitamin A and C.

Cantaloupe Gummy Snacks

It is one of the foods on the Worlds Healthiest Foods website and it has a broad array of nutrients that the body needs. Then depending on the type of gelatin you use in this recipe you will either be adding even more nutrients if you use a vegetable gelatin or you will add some protein to the gummy snacks if you use beef gelatin. Once you have your mixture prepared you just fill your silicone mold and then freeze for a few minutes or refrigerate till solid and pop them out of the mold.

If you have kids these will be a great snack for them and provide them with a lot of nutrients. If you have these on hand when the kids want snacks you can feel good about handing them a handful and they will think they are getting a delicious treat and never know you are really serving up something healthy and nutritious for them.

These can be made with other fruits like berries too. So if you make say cantaloupe and then strawberry gummies the kids will have a nice assortment. This recipe is from Delicious Obsessions and now is the perfect time to make them since cantaloupe is in season.

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Paige Raymond
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