BeekeepingHow To Capture Your Own Bee Swarm - 2 Different Methods

How To Capture Your Own Bee Swarm – 2 Different Methods

Honey bees swarm in the spring and usually end up on a tree branch or trunk while they look for a new home. If you see a swarm these two videos explain how to capture the swarm so you can introduce it to a hive and have your own bees.

   If you don’t  want to start a bee hive by trying to find and capture a swarm, there are places online where you can buy a starter set of bees. They usually come with a queen and a few worker bees but it gets you started. How cool it would be to be able to find a whole swarm and capture it though.

Photo credit organleroy
Photo credit organleroy

  Backwards Beekeepers TV: Swarm Capture For Beginners


HOW TO: Capture Swarming Bees





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Paige Raymond
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