Emergency PreparednessWhat is Your Car Bumper Stickers Telling Criminals

What is Your Car Bumper Stickers Telling Criminals

What is Your Car Bumper Stickers Telling Criminals ?

Think about this for a moment, how many times have you been driving in traffic only to see cars & trucks proudly proclaiming bumpers stickers that tell the criminals way too much personal information that endangers the driver’s family.

What is Your Car's Bumper Stickers Telling Criminals?
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Common sense says to keep personal information closely guarded. No one would put their bank account or social security numbers on a bumper sticker and not expect identity theft to occur.

 photo 1939634_656127287789810_1998516797_n_zps18cfd285.jpg

The stick figure family window stickers are the worst, in my opinion. They tell a criminals how many people live, genders of family members and how many pets live in the home. If a criminal is planning to invade a home, what better way to scope out potential victims.

Survival Mom shared this image of her Facebook page and it really got me thinking deeply on the subject. I never thought about the subject when I was younger and have had my own share of bumper stickers.
Never again will I use the back of my vehicle to share information with other drivers.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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