Caramel Apple Pie Filling Cookies Recipe

Caramel Apple Pie Filling Cookies Recipe

This Caramel Apple Pie Filling Cookies Recipe is a super delicious, unique and popular recipe that is the hand held version of our favorite pie.

Caramel Apple Pie Filling Cookies Recipe

This tasty cookie recipe is for fans of caramel apple pie. These caramel apple pie cookies very delicious and easy to make.


Pie crust – 2 pieces – or Super Flaky Pie Crust Hundred Year Old Recipe (Click here for the recipe)

Apple-pie filling – 10 oz or homemade apple pie filling recipe (click here to here for the recipe)

Caramel topping – 5 oz – Homemade Caramel dipping sauce (click here for the recipe)

One Egg

Nutmeg – ¼ Teaspoon

Cinnamon – 1 Teaspoon

No special ingredients are required. See how to make this great caramel apple pie cookies below.

1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Spray the cookie sheets with non-stick spray and set aside.

3. Slightly warm the crusts to enable easy working.

4. Use flour to dust your worktop and roll out the crusts lightly.

5. Spread some caramel onto one of the crusts.

6. Chop the pie fillings and spread them over the layer of caramel.

7. Cut the other crusts into ½-inch strips. Use these strips to form a latticework on the pie-covered crust.

8. Cut out small circles and move them to the already prepared baking sheets

9. Beat the egg in a bowl until it forms a blend.

10. Mix the cinnamon and nutmeg with the sugar.

11. Brush the top with the beaten egg and sprinkle the sugar mixture on it.

12. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden-brown.

Weaving your strips of crust will make them look more attractive. You can also make these cookies pumpkin pie filling for fun variety!

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