PetsCat Outdoor PVC Enclosure Play Pen Cage DIY Project

Cat Outdoor PVC Enclosure Play Pen Cage DIY Project

Cat Outdoor PVC Enclosure Play Pen Cage DIY Project is a great way for your pet cats to get out into the sunshine all while keeping them safe.

Cat Outdoor PVC Enclosure Play Pen Cage DIY Project

First, look at how much space you are going to your cats are going to want. Draw up dimensions; let’s use 7x5x3 because it is climb-friendly going three levels. With that in mind, buy the following: 12 10-foot schedule-40 1/2” PVC, 8 3-way fittings, 24 T-fittings, 36” X 50′ plastic poultry netting, a pipe cutter, a marker, and tape measure. Then, work on the construction. Start by making the exterior of the enclosure to get every side correct. Get a straight cut on the PVC and add the fittings. For the correct length on the pipe, use tape measure to the center.

1.) 12 – 10 foot schedule-40 1/2” PVC

2.) 8 – 3-way fittings

3.) 24 – T fittings

4.) 36” X 50′ plastic poultry netting

5.) Zip Ties

Next you need to take all of it apart and start cutting the frame down so the platforms support may be inserted. The idea is to take the long frame pieces and cut space out for the fittings. For this measurement, they should be split up into fourths. Mark off each piece 1 3/4′ to ensure the cuts wouldn’t be off; notch off left and right of each piece to allow the T-fittings in and not add length to the enclosure. Then, put together the frame again and make the cuts, leg by leg. The length of each leg varies and finish with the cross supports. For the chicken wire covering, take the roll of wire on the long side and put it over the top on the other side. Pull it tightly and zip tie it all down. On one side, cut a flap out for a space to stick the cats through. To hold it all down, get something sturdy like bungee cords.

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