Pest ControlCatch and Release Method for Moles

Catch and Release Method for Moles

If your yard and garden has mole in it you might want to relocate them.  While moles are not destructive to your plants voles are and they will use mole tunnels to search for food. Moles can benefit your yard in that they will eat grubs, larva  and beetles that will harm your plants. Grubs are bad at eating bulbs.

Catch and Release Method for Moles

The moles tunneling activity helps to aerate your yard. The bad part about moles is that where ever they tunnel leaves ridges of dead grass in the lawn. There are commercial products and poisons and traps to kill the moles but some folks don’t want to kill them, they just want them gone.

Their tunnels also attract voles. In this video you will see a method of catch and release so you can catch them live and relocate to hopefully somewhere that won’t mind having them around. How To Lou tells us that they don’t bite and so it is pretty safe to catch them. He then shows how  to find the tunnels and  close them up so the mole has to dig fresh tunnels.

He shares his sneaky way of knowing when the mole is tunneling and where so you can go out and catch it. Then you can relocate it.

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