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How to Butcher a Cow – Very Graphic – Be Warned

Cultivating Home blog shares a true to life (graphic)  real look at what it is like to kill & butcher a cow. This post...

Great Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques to Help You Catch More Fish

Tips and Techniques for Walleye, Crappie, Sunfish, Perch, Muskie and Lake Trout Click here to read: http://www.ice-fishing-source.com/ice-fishing-tips-techniques.asp      

Overlooked Survival Tool: Pellet Gun

How to Survive it shares an article when he says everyone should own a pellet gun and then explains why everyone should. It made...

Secrets to a Great Gun Dog Training


Survival Skills: Build a Perimeter Alarm for Your Camp

This step by step tutorial of how to build a perimeter alarm for your camp, homestead or chicken coop in a survival skill that...

25 Old-School Skills For Today's Deer Hunters

If you enjoy hunting deer this article will be one you won't want to miss. It will teach you old school tricks to make...

How To Make A Jug For Jug Fishing And Paint It

Do you like to jug fish? If you do river3782 has a video tutorial on how to make and paint your jugs for jug...

13 Survival Items No Hunter Should Be Without

If you are a hunter check out this article from Outdoor life for the 13 items you may need in a survival situation while...

Survival Hunting Options Without a Gun

If you don't own a fire arm but would like to hunt or ever find yourself needing to hunt  Jalapeno Gal77 over on American...

The best survival fishing lure: Is it a leadhead jig?

An explanation on why Leon Pantenburg over on  American preppers network thinks so.  

Get it right: Field dressing a deer

Deer processor Kenny Glenn of Dunbar Meats in Milan, Michigan, shares tips about what hunters do right and wrong when they field-dress their deer. Outdoor Edge Butcher-Lite...

How to Field Dress a Whitetail Deer

Videos on how to field dress white tail deer. One video for bucks and another for doe.    

Printable Free Shooting Targets

Printable free shooting targets. Grab some free shooting targets and you can practise your shooting. There are a lot of links for printable targets...

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