Whitewash. Interested in Whitewash? How To and Why

Chicken Chores & Whitewash. Interested in whitewash?  It’s a process farmers have used for years to coat the inside of structures where animals are...

How to Get Rid of Grubs and Other Garden Pests

Learn how to prevent and get rid of grubs and other pests in your yard. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese and other beetles...

Homemade Chicken Feed for Healthy and Inexpensive Backyard Flocks

Homemade Chicken Feed for Healthy and Inexpensive Backyard Flocks http://www.untrainedhousewife.com/homemade-chicken-feed-for-healthy-and-inexpensive-backyard-flocks

Natural Pest Control

Pest-Free, Naturally: Natural Pest Control   http://www.naturalhomeandgarden.com/natural-remedies/pest-free-naturally-natural-pest-control.aspx

Wasp Trap

Homemade Wasp Trap   http://www.prairiestory.com/2010/09/homemade-wasp-trap.html

Beneficial Insects for Natural Pest Control

Put  beneficial insects for natural pest control to work in your garden and let nature do what it is supposed to do.  There are...

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants   http://eartheasy.com/blog/2011/04/5-easy-to-grow-mosquito-repelling-plants/

Natural De-skunking

Natural De-skunking     http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2011/01/natural-de-skunking.html

Squash Bug control

Squash Bug, I like this idea. Another option is to place boards or shingles on the ground next to the plants. At night the...

Slug Trap from Recycled Water Bottles

Slug Trap from Recycled Water Bottles   http://www.instructables.com/id/Slug-Trap-from-Recycled-Water-Bottles/

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