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Reverse Diabetes by Eating Raw Foods for 30 Days

This is a great documentary where they took a group of people with diabetes to a home in Arizona for 30 days. They were only allowed raw foods for the 30 days. Some had diabetes type 2 and 2 had type 1. One fellow had it so badly his feet had gone numb and he actually cooked one of his feet by sitting in front of a heater, while he didn’t lose the foot he had some pretty bad scarring on the shin and foot. He also started the program on over 10 different medications plus his insulin. One woman had blood sugar levels that were over 400 at the beginning. By the 2 week mark they were all off insulin except one of the type 1 persons and he had dropped from a lot of units per day to only 5. It also cleared up some high blood pressure. I would imagine that being there with a group and only raw foods to choose from would make sticking to it for 30 days much easier that it would be at home with the rest of the family.

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