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4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

Make this 4 herb healing salve and you will always be ready for burns, scrapes, cuts and rashes when you need it. I love to make homemade remedies from natural herbs instead of buying all of the chemical filled ones from the store.

4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

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Make an Amazing Healing Skin Salve that Nourishes

This step by step tutorial of how to make an amazing healing skin salve that nourishes and moisturizes dry, irritated skin. Almost everyone at some point in their lives will have some sort problems with their skin. whether it is excessive dryness or red, itchy and irritated from exposure to some sort of extreme condition.…Continue Reading

Homemade Herbal Plantain Bug Bite Salve

With summer in full swing, if you live anywhere near woods or a body of water, you’re probably experiencing bug bites on a daily basis. And, unfortunately, no matter what you use, whether bug spray, bug repellent candles, or protective coverings, bugs have a way of sneaking past all your defenses. There are several medicines…Continue Reading