How to Make a Black Walnut Tincture for a Parasite Cleanse Recipe

Parasite Cleanse tincture recipe is to be taken for 2 weeks. Black walnut hull tincture, 6 drops twice a day Cloves (500 mg per capsule) 2...

Essential Oils for Survival – Video

The Patriot Nurse talks about which essential oils for survival she stores and why. Anti bacterial, anti fungal, immune boosting, anti-viral properties are important additions...

Elderberry Tincture How To Make Cold and Flu Aid

Many herbalists recommend elderberry tincture for fighting off colds and flu. While I am neither a doctor nor an herbalist, I am also not...

Herbal Medicine Tinctures Recipes – Removing The Alcohol

Click here to read: http://www.ingoodhealth.org/blog/2009/10/preparing-alcohol-free-herbal-medicine-tinctures/  

Menopause Herbal Tincture Recipe

If you have been overwhelmed by hot flashes the joke above will be funny because you have felt like that before..... I have. Click...

How to Make A Homemade Tincture – Cold & Flu

Click here to read how to make a homemade tincture: http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/1965/  

How to Treat Migraines with an Herbal Tincture at Home ~ A Recipe

For anyone that suffers from migraines and would rather not take or have the expense of buying medicines for them, why not try Twin...

Tinctures And Herbal Extracts: How To Make

Tinctures And Herbal Extracts: How To Make http://www.anniesremedy.com/chart_remedy.php?prep_ID=5

California Poppy is a Natural Non Additive Remedy for Pain

 If you need pain relief, try California poppy. It is a natural non addictive remedy for pain.  This is a remedy replacement for pain....

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