Drive On Wood Gas

http://driveonwood.com/learn/basics-woodgas   and http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-transportation/wood-gas-zm0z12amzroc.aspx  

How We Built a Holz Hausen (Beehive Wood Pile)

Want a really cool way to stack your firewood that looks neat and tidy? Check out Modern homesteading's Holz Jausen (beehive wood pile) it...

The Art of the Wood-Burning Cookstove

Using a wood burning stove to cook and heat with would be a great skill to know if you were planning to go off...

Hot Water For Free From A Wood Stove – Off The Grid

Learn how you can make hot water using your wood stove. This is great for folks that are off grid. Click here to read the...

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