Household TipsCharge The Unchargeable Trick

Charge The Unchargeable Trick

How many of your rechargeable tools have batteries that you can’t charge anymore? I think almost all of probably have at least one battery that won’t take a charge. Well after watching this video to learn this one simple tip you will probably be able to recharge and use your batteries again. This video if from a young fellow that has figured out how to make the battery take a charge even when all you get is an error message.

Charge The Unchargeable Trick

I have a feeling this young man will go far in life. Allen Clark has figured out a way to force a trickle charge into the battery so that it will go ahead and recharge. Reading the comments to his video there was one fellow that said he tried this trick on a battery that had been dead for 7 years and it worked so I think it will work on most batteries that don’t want to recharge.

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