Where To Get Cheap and Free Produce for Canning

If you like to can but don’t have enough produce to can much here are a few places where you can get some produce to can free or very cheaply. I know a lot of time in the fall you can drive around and when you see fruit trees that are loaded you can ask the owner if they would mind you picking the fruit. I see a lot of trees like that where the folks have either gotten tired of the fruit or have grown a little older and no longer can or have a family at home to eat all the fruit the trees produce.

We have a neighbor across the street that has a pear tree like that. Right now it is totally covered with fruit and no one is picking it. I am planning to go ask if I can pick some in the next couple of days if they don’t pick it this weekend. Living Home Grown has a few different suggestions that they share¬† on where you can get produce free and cheap to can.




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