RecipesCheesy Colorado Burritos

Cheesy Colorado Burritos

 Delicious  cheesy Colorado burritos for the next time you want Mexican food   If you enjoy cooking your own Mexican meals and you’re looking for something new, these tasty beef burritos are for you. Soft tortillas filled with refried beans and slow cooked beef, topped with mild enchilada sauce and shredded cheddar cheese then broiled to melted perfection, this recipe could put local Mexican cuisine to shame.

Cheesy Colorado Burritos

     Slow cooking the beef in enchilada sauce until it falls apart just by stirring it allows the beef to remain tender and delicious and adding beef bouillon gives it that restaurant quality and flavor. You could very easily make it your own by adding peppers, black beans, onions, sour cream or using your own spicy homemade enchilada sauce.

    Pair it with rice or salsa and you have a meal your family will love. When you have a hankering for delicious burritos, give this recipe from Food Pusher a try! If you like burritos, check out our One Pot Chicken Mexican Burrito Bowl and Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos  articles.

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