CraftsCherry Pit Stone Bag Warming Pillow Project

Cherry Pit Stone Bag Warming Pillow Project

This Cherry Pit Stone Bag Warming Pillow Project is simple and thrifty to make. So start eating those ripe delicious cherries but save the cherry pits to make this craft project.

You will be THRILLED this fall season when you use this cherry pit pillow to warm your cold feet, on your stomach to help soothe PMS cramps or on your lower back when you strain your back. BONUS: It can also be thrown into the freezer, to use as a cold pack… as well.

Cherry Pit Stone Bag Warming Pillow Project - the Homestead Survival

Like pillows that put off warm glow of simmering heat when it is cold outside? That same pillow can also give a cooling effect when the weather is hot outside. It can have a dual use and it has a massaging texture.

Dont waste those cherry pits after eating the fruit. Wash, dry and re-purpose !

Cherry Pit Stone Bag Warming Pillow Project - The Homesteading Survival

First, get scissors to cut the fabric to 14 x 7 inches. Then, slice a piece of cotton cloth lining at the same size, followed by a piece of a flour sac dish towel at 13 x 6 inches. Then, go ahead fold each piece in half and stitch the sides using 1/2 inch seams. Have the top a bit open and turn the sowed fabrics inside out; get something to help take out the corners. With the head fabric,flip 1/2 inch from the top to the insideand flatten. With the liner, flip 1/2 inch from the top to the outside and flatten again.

Next, put the liner in the fabric’s bag with the side’s seam and liner invisible. Then, attach the upper corners with a pin and have them facing each other flipped around. Stitch the top 1/8 inch under the top. Sew the inside using a thread of a similar color to copy the fabric. After that, slice of a 5.5 inch piece of 3/4 inch-wide Velcro and pin up both sides of it to the upper top edge and stitch up all four sides.

After flattening the half-inch on top going in, fill the newly made pouch with cherry pit stones two-thirds full. Whether your cherries are freshly picked or store bought, they will do well. Finally, close the top of the punch with a pin and sew up the last edge. Put the cherry stone pillow inside the cloth pouch. Sew it up!

To enjoy, heat the inner cherry pit stone pillow for two to 3 minutes in the microwave. Then place pillow into a pillowcase. The pillow will stay warm for at least 30 minutes. You can also place the cherry pit stone pillow in the freezer and use the pillow as a cold pack.

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