DIY ProjectsCherrywood Resin Kitchen Baking Rolling Pin Project

Cherrywood Resin Kitchen Baking Rolling Pin Project

This Cherrywood Resin Kicthen Baking Rolling Pin Project shows all homesteaders that handmade gifts can truly be beautiful as well as functional. Start now to make homemade heirlom gifts to give to family and friends for the holidays that can stay in the family for generations to come.

Cherrywood Resin Kitchen Baking Rolling Pin Project - The Homestead Survival

A cherrywood and resin style rolling pin is not just a regular, wooding pin, but a piece of art that goes into making food when using it flatten the ingredients. Here is an example of creating something that seems tough to do, but when correctly constructed and strengthen and glossed, it is a beautiful thing to see. The first thing to get, obviously, is a hug piece of a wood cherry slab. Take it to the shed and begin to curve into a solid cylinder. Start by cutting the ends for a straightened look and then fill in any wood holes with resin. Take a radial arm and measure it to see that it is all squared.

Now, while this project involves two massive pieces that should be connected for one big pin, let’s just assume you have the one piece big enough to make. (That is a much bigger project that becomes an experiment where it can go wrong.) With that piece, if it’s a bit big, slice the top off to a proper size and make it totally squared. Drill a hole on the sides where than handles would be and put it on the spinner, where you can then smooth and shave off. Along the way, you will find those gaps and air pockets; fill it with resin and let it dry. Chisel off some excess.

Keep on sanding it down and then add polish for that shine. Go to the wet polish and expand on the shine towards the end. Let it dry for a couple of days. Once it is good, go ahead and a couple of coats of clear wood polish and add slowly from end to end. Shave off the ends to create the handles the way you want it to be. It is a little tedious, but it will turn out to be a very impressive piece of a kitchen appliance.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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