Chestnuts Return to America – Food for Humans & Animals


NW Food News website shares the bountiful harvest of the chestnut tree.

In the 1930’s – 1940’s America lost up to 4 billion native chestnut trees who fell victim to a blight but through a generations of dedicated arboriculturists that have replanted the Chestnut tree are we able to enjoy this delicious nut today.

Chestnuts are good feed for animals that will be butchered because of the high fat content, it makes the meat richer, especially for turkeys!

If you have never tasted roasted chestnuts, please make a one point to try them.

Score the chestnuts before cooking so they do not explode under pressure. Place the the chestnuts into a perforated aluminum pan on a barbecue grill heated to about 350 degrees, closing the lid and letting the nuts roast for about 25 minutes… quoted from the article.

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