RecipesChicken Breast A La Jalapeño Popper

Chicken Breast A La Jalapeño Popper

      Delicious recipe for chicken covered in jalapeño popper ingredients and then topped with a low carb topping made from crushed pork skins, parmesan and butter and then baked to the perfect low carb chicken jalapeño popper dish. I love jalapeño poppers and I make them sometime but they are a lot of work and it is kind of time-consuming where this is all made in layers in the same pan and you use the jalapeño slices from a jar instead o fresh peppers so you can even skip the de-seeding and cutting that goes with fresh peppers. Aunt Bee’s Recipes shares this recipe and so many others, I could cook her recipes every night they all look so good and so far every one that I have tried has been a keeper.

          I am pretty sure this would bake nicely in a grill and you could have this with Mexican Corn On The Cob and some Farm Fresh Guacamole. The only thing I would do different is the guacamole. I don’t like mine smashed into paste.

         I always dice my veggies and just stir them together. I really like the texture of the dice rather than the smashed and did you know that if you save a couple of the avocado pits and just stir them into the bowl of guacamole it will help keep you avocados from turning brown? I think this menu will be on my table very soon now that we have the grill out of winter storage.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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