ChickensChicken Coop Ladder Homesteading DIY Project

Chicken Coop Ladder Homesteading DIY Project

How to build a homemade Chicken Coop Ladder Homesteading DIY Project is detailed in a step by step tutorial for an excited homesteader. A chicken ladder makes it easier for your chickens to walk up and climb out of the chicken coop opening.

Chicken Coop Ladder Homesteading DIY Project

Raising chickens can sometimes be demanding, especially when you are doing it all by yourself. What could be more challenging is creating an enabling environment for the birds. If you are raising your chickens in your backyard, to create a suitable environment for them, some things need to be put into consideration.


Building a poultry house for your bird is not just enough as you have to keep in mind the safety and comfort of your chickens. As keeping them comfortable will definitely increase your profitability and productivity. One thing you should consider while creating an inhabitable environment for them is space. Chickens need a lot of space for effective growth and productivity. Another thing that needs to be put into consideration is their ventilation.

Fumes from their feces shed feathers and bedding that are decaying often results to respiratory issues for your birds. Other things that need to be considered are cleanliness, roosts, nest boxes, and protection from predators. One other major factor is outdoor runs. This has to do with your chickens leaving their nest to play outside. It is very important to create a free flow for your birds out of their cage. Now this calls for the need of a chicken ladder.

This chicken ladder creates a free and an enabling passage for your chicken. With the help of this ladder, you don’t need to be bringing out your chicks manually as they can now carry out such exercises themselves. And this chicken ladder can be self-made as it doesn’t require much skill and workforce.

Homesteading takes commitment, passion, willing to repurpose and being able to think outside of the box.

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