ChickensChicken Layers Lodge Chicken Coop DIY Project

Chicken Layers Lodge Chicken Coop DIY Project

This chicken layers lodge chicken coop diy project is an amazing way to build housing that will make your flock cluck with approval.

Chicken Layers Lodge Chicken Coop DIY Project

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The cluck-clucking of poultry can be irritating even to poultry lovers like you and me; the odor is another setback for us. But, keeping poultry doesn’t have to be unbearable either to you or your neighbors. You can turn down their cluck-clucking, and you can reduce the odor.

You can construct a lodge for your layers and have it done to make sure that everyone maintains peace; the fowls, you, and your neighbors.

The lodge doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it has to be just right, it has to completely satisfy all the requirements you desire, from reducing the noise to eliminating the odor if possible. For the smell, site the lodge a little bit fat away from the house, but not too far as you’d have to attend to the fowls daily. Next, draw up a plan for the lodge.

The plan will help when you begin your construction.

For the construction of the lodge, you’d need very good lumber. If there is no shade in the compound, the lodge can be elevated to provide shade for the birds. It is better to start the construction from the floor up. Make sure that the floor space is sufficient for the birds. A bird should have about 4sq ft to itself.

With this information, the coop should not be overcrowded. The windows also should provide adequate ventilation. It will be necessary for the coop to be also lighted, so, provide electricity for the lodge, both for lighting and for heating, yeah, chickens are warm-blooded like us too. After providing all these, you can choose to paint the interior or leave it that way. But, please make sure the wood is treated to prevent termite attack.

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