ChickensChicken Saddle Protect Hens from Overmating Injuries

Chicken Saddle Protect Hens from Overmating Injuries

A chicken saddle (hen apron), is a piece of homesteading equipment to protect hens to protect their backs from roosters during mating. Slashes, cuts, infections and feather loss can all occur without a chicken saddle. A rooster’s nails and spurs are quite dangerous during overmating a hen, this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage.

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When it comes to owning livestock you have to be aware that mating among your flock or herd will go on even if you are not aware. Unfortunately, there are some casualties of the mating ritual depending on the species of animal. When it comes to chickens the mating process can frequently result in damage to the feathers on the back of your hens. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a solution for this if it becomes a concern. Chicken saddles or chicken aprons can help with this issue.

The article was shared with all of the readers in hopes to educate those who are relatively new to livestock or homesteading in general. The article starts out with the origin of the chicken saddle (chicken apron) and how it was developed as a way to help prevent serious infections and other concerns as the result of mating in your flock of chickens.

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