Chicken Train Tunnel Between Garden Rows

Chicken Train Tunnel Between Garden Rows

There are many different ways to go about raising both livestock and crops on a homestead or farm. Check out this idea for a chicken train tunnel between garden rows.

Chicken Train Tunnel Between Garden Rows

The chicken can scratch and till the soil while adding fertilizer at the same time. They both are extremely necessary and beneficial for any successful homestead or farm operation. This video was put together in order to demonstrate how you can benefit your crops by allowing your chickens to graze in one or more areas between the rows of plants in your garden area.

This idea of tunnels to allow chicken to keep the weeds down,till the soil and loosen it while adding fertilizer is from, Diego Footer and it is available for viewing by all people who go to YouTube.

The presenter did a really good job of describing the beneficial results of you watching the video from start to finish. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to watch and follow.

Benefits of reading the Livestock 101: Chicken Train Tunnel Between Garden Rows

The video is extremely useful in that it describes a method of enhancing the soil in the unused patches of your garden.
The information is really detailed and the video makes it really easy to demonstrate all of the steps that you will need to follow.

All of the information that is being presented in the video is very beneficial and very well thought.
The video is the perfect medium to use to share all of the information that the presenter has to offer.