HerbalChickweed Bath Vinegar to Cure Itchy Skin

Chickweed Bath Vinegar to Cure Itchy Skin

It’s summertime! And with summer comes vacation, more time outside, and lots and lots of bugs. And other skin irritants. If you have children, a week probably doesn’t go by without you seeing or hearing complaints of itchy skin. Whether it’s due to plants, allergies, or bugs, it doesn’t change the fact that you want to do everything in your power to get rid of that skin irritant. While there are several ways to do this with medications, if you want to be more natural, the solution might be right under your nose.

Chickweed Bath Vinegar to Cure Itchy Skin

If you have a yard, you probably know about chickweed. It’s an annoying weed that seems to grow every few inches, especially if you’re trying to keep your lawn looking proper. However, that annoying weed is the answer to your irritated skin problem. It’s been an herbal remedy for centuries that is used to treat itchy and inflamed skin. And, it’s extremely easy to make into a bath vinegar to relieve irritated skin.

All you’ll need for this project is:

– Chickweed (every part of the plant) (Buy Here)
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Blender
– Glass Jar

That’s it! Just mix them together and add a few drops to your warm baths, and you’ll soon begin to feel your irritated skin being soothed. And, even though this mixture contains vinegar, it’s so diluted that after your bath, you won’t smell a thing. Sometimes, it will take several baths to get the full benefit of chickweed vinegar, but it is definitely worth it if you don’t like using chemicals on your skin.

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