Pest ControlChiggers and How to Get Relief from Their Bites

Chiggers and How to Get Relief from Their Bites

Come learn what is a Chigger and how to get relief from their bites can be a life saver when you are going insane from the itching consuming your skin.

Chiggers are a certain type of mite from the family Trombiculidae. They are also arachnids, like spiders and ticks. They are very small, red and barely visible to the naked eye and magnifying glass may be needed in order to see them. When the chiggers are in their larva form they have six legs, although the adults have eight. Like other arachnids there are three biological stages in their life cycle.

The stages consist of egg, larvae, nymph and adult. They hatch from eggs as larvae, develop into nymphs and finally adults. While in their nymph and adult stages chiggers do not bother humans and animals (talk about relief) but instead feed on small organisms, decaying plant matter, and insect eggs as well.

Chiggers can be found throughout the world, most common places are forests, fields with tall grass, parks and moist areas. They are relatively close to the ground because they need humidity in order to survive. They spring onto a passing animal or human by standing on grass or other vegetation, once they find themselves on the surface of the host, they start gathering protein in order to grow into the nymph stage.
Chigger’s mouth is delicate and best to penetrate the skin at the areas like wrinkles, folds, or other areas where the skin is thin. Most bites occur around the crotch and groin areas, behind the knees, in the armpits, and ankles.

Some people believe that Chiggers burrow under your skin, and that belief is incorrect, along with the belief that they suck blood. Chiggers feed on the fluids in skin cells, and to get fluids, they attach themselves onto a skin and inject digestive enzyme that ruptures the cells, this makes the skin tissue harden around the area and form some sort of a straw for sucking the cells fluids. The injection causes the skin to irritate and tends to be really itchy, causing a nasty discomfort to the host and logically the need to scratch.

Before you begin to treat the bites, you should take a good shower to get rid of the chiggers that could still be attached to you. Since most of the bites are just annoying and not harmful there is no need for distress. It can take from one to two weeks for a chigger bite to disappear and stop itching, but be careful not to scratch much since it can lead to skin wound and it can get infected.

Treating chigger bites is related to relieving the itching – come look at the different ways to be used to reduce the itching.

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Chiggers and How to Get Relief from Their Bites

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Chiggers and How to Get Relief from Their Bites

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