Chocolate Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks and Drunken Cherries


Chocolate is no doubt one of, if not the, most popular sweet treats of all time. They are always on the top of women’s list of cravings and even men are hoarding chocolates as well. History even revealed that the Aztec kings were the first ones to eat chocolate. But, what is the behind this big love for chocolates?

There are actually several reasons that explain the popularity of chocolates and why you should never give up on them completely even when you are on a diet.  According to Janette Vince, chocolate melts in your mouth. Of course, it is not a surprise that chocolate has fat content. Chocolate has cocoa butter that gives it a creamy and rich consistency that transmits the flavor of cocoa perfectly.

This has a melting point as well that is slightly lower than the average temperature of human body, giving you that melt in your mouth feeling each time you pop a chocolate piece inside your mouth. Chocoholics usually describe the melting feeling as a real life moment of ecstasy.

Chocolate also has just the perfect chemistry. Chocolate has chemicals known as opioids that can be found in opium as well. They help dull and create a well being feeling to those who eat them. Those who love eating chocolates produce the natural opiates in the brain that help soothe the nerves for them to feel better.

Chocolate naturally contains some uppers such as sugars, phenylthalymine, and caffeine that makes you feel alert, makes your heart pound a bit harder, and makes your breathing come a little bit faster. The effects of chocolate are not too dramatic to make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, these are only mild to create that pleasant high often likened to the feeling of being in love.
If you happen to be a big fan of chocolate, Lisa’s recipe for Black Forest Drunkin’ Cherry Dark Chocolate Lump Bread is just perfect for you.  You will find the recipe on Parsley Sage Sweet.