RecipesChocolate Chips Candy Cookies Dry Mix Frugal Recipe

Chocolate Chips Candy Cookies Dry Mix Frugal Recipe

This Chocolate Chips Candy Cookies Dry Mix Frugal Recipe is as easy as gathering ingredients and measuring out the amounts into one quart mason jars. Screw the air tight lid on, place in the food storage cabinets.

When you want to whip up a quick batch of delicious cookies….. add wet ingredients and bake.

Chocolate Chips Candy Cookies Dry Mix Frugal Recipe - The Homestead Survival - Food Storage - Make Ahead

Making cookies from scratch almost always entails several dry ingredients combined with other liquid ingredient to make the cookie dough. This makes for a perfect way to create a cool homemade gift for a fellow homesteader or baker in the family. By put all of the dry ingredients in layers inside a sealed mason jar and place it in your pantry.



baking soda

baking powder

all purpose flour

granulated sugar

M&M’s or chocolate chips

light brown sugar packed

The recipe was written and share with everyone in hopes to help other homesteaders or people looking to save time and money baking. The unique recipe for this M&M cookie mix is really easy to read and follow. It makes for a really cool looking gift with the layers of each ingredients.

All of the information in the recipe is presented in way that makes it really easy read and follow.

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Melissa Francis
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