RecipesChocolate Strawberry Deep Fried Waffle Pops Recipe

Chocolate Strawberry Deep Fried Waffle Pops Recipe

Chocolate Strawberry Deep Fried Waffle Pops

This is a recipe for chocolate strawberry waffle pops. It’s as decadent as it sounds and involves the one thing fairs are most known for: Deep Frying. This recipe creates the most delicious and tangy little pops, filled with chocolate and strawberries. By layering the different ingredients, you can make this simple recipe that will have everyone raving about how delicious these pops are. With a little sprinkle of powdered sugar on top, these also make great center pieces for dessert tables.

And, the best part about these little pops is that they’re extremely easy to make. Despite the little bit of frying at the end, you can have these made and done, including the freezing, in less than an hour! And your friends and family will never know it was that simple.

All you’ll need for these chocolate strawberry waffle pops are the following ingredients:

– Strawberries
– Dark Chocolate Chips
– Vegetable Oil
– Waffle Mix
– Ingredients to Make Waffles
– Confectioner’s Sugar
– Skewers

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Chocolate Strawberry Deep Fried Waffle Pops Recipe

One of the best things about the end of summer are the number of county fairs that go across the country. The rides, exhibits, and competitions are an amazing amount of fun for the entire family. But, one thing about county fairs stands apart from the rest: The food. From elephant ears to caramel covered apples, there’s something about being outside and eating delicious fair food that makes summer complete. But, the problem with fair food is that once the fair goes, so does your access to it. Unless, of course, you have this recipe.

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