Water storage and purificationChoosing Right Water Filter for Homesteading Survivalism

Choosing Right Water Filter for Homesteading Survivalism

Choosing Right Water Filter for Homesteading Survivalism

Choosing Right Water Filter for Homesteading Survivalism

Water is essential for daily living and the more reason we need to filter tap water before drinking or using it for cooking. Tap water has been found to be toxic and containing chemicals, radioactive elements and heavy metals across the US. Some utility companies try to conceal this information from us so their business is not affected. Fortunately, we can take the situation into our own hands and choose the right water filter we can use at home. But first, let’s enumerate all the contaminants that hide in tap water. These contaminants are fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, lead, mercury, radioactive elements, and other chemicals such as trichloroethylene (TCE), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) arsenic and a lot more.

~ ~ Is Bottled Water Safe ? ~ ~

Many bottled companies utilizethe tap we also get and just do their own filtration and sell it back for much and what’s more, they’re not doing a good job in trying to filter the water. The second issue for water in plastic containers is that harmful chemicals may penetrate into the water such as BPA which is also hazardous to health.

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Water Filter Guidelines

For easier way to select the correct water filter to use for your homeEWGpromoted a purchasing guide. There are many types of water filters available and the most widely recognized brand Brita, which is accessible at general store chains doesn’t filter through fluoride. The best filters are usually found online. Filtering systems comes in many forms but a whole house system would be the best choice for health.

The newest player on the market is Structured Water Filters which is not yet fully known and may become the best choice in the future as this filter brings the water to its original state as if it came from a spring which is healthier for the body.

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