Cold Frames for Extending the Growing Season

Cold Frames for Extending the Growing Season

Build your own cold frames and extend your growing season. With cold frames you can grow salad greens almost all winter. You can also start seeding much earlier in the spring. Gardening is a fun activity for many, however, if you live in a area that gets really cold in the fall and winter it can be challenging to grow vegetables. This makes it extremely difficult to feed yourself during these colder months. A cold frame is a structure that can be used during colder months that makes it possible to grow plants later into the year. This project was designed to introduce the reader to a way that they can make a cold frame for themselves.

Cold Frames for Extending the Growing Season

This article and video on building cold frames is by, Benedict Vanheems on Mother Earth News. The article was shared with the readers in hopes they would be able to use it to benefit their own lives in some way. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to understand.

Benefits of reading Gardening 101: Cold Frames for Extending the Growing Season

Discover how easy it is to build your own cold frame for gardening out of repurposed materials.
The project includes a complete description of all of the necessary materials, supplies, and tools you will need to get started.
The project also goes into great detail about how to build it including a step by step instruction of all of the steps that are needed to make it.
There are several full-color pictures and a video that help to provide a good visual reference of the project.