DIY ProjectsColor Your Solar Lights With This Easy Hack

Color Your Solar Lights With This Easy Hack

Color your solar lights with this easy hack and add some color to your walkways and garden. Most everyone is stuck inside at this time of year, well unless they are out shoveling snow. So this is a nice little indoor activity to play with while we stay inside.

Color Your Solar Lights With This Easy Hack

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You can take the plain clear led out of a solar light or 6 and add you color combination of choice to them.  This is a nice project because it is cheap to do, the solar lights can be bought for a dollar so if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost much but if it does you will have some great color to light your outside at night.

For the project you will need.

Solar light or lights

A soldering iron

Desoldering braid

Some colored high intensity led lights.

You can use a single color and double the leds to two for more light or you can combine colors like red and blue or two green. I like this little project. It would be nice to have colored solar lights leading the way up to the door. I think my favorite is the red and blue combo.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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