CraftsColorful Fabric Twisted String Cordage Craft Project

Colorful Fabric Twisted String Cordage Craft Project

This Colorful Fabric Twisted String Cordage Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial.

Colorful Fabric Twisted String Cordage Craft Project

This article will teach you how to make fabric twine with all your fabric scraps that you are thinking of throwing away (if you have not thrown them away already). Well, if you are yet to discard all your fabrics, you are lucky but if you have already discarded them, then you can begin to gather them again.

This also proves that nothing is 100 percent junk. The materials you will need are assorted fabric scraps. You must have gathered these over the weeks or months. Her scraps are about half an inch wide. You will also need a pair of scissors and some large spools or any other tool that can be used to wind your fabrics into a twine. If your finger gets dry often, you might need a finger moistener.

The article breaks down the directions on how to go about it. You will read the full details in the topic but before you do, here is a bit of it. Although this is optional but it helps to moist your fingers before you start and also do so at intervals because you will likely be faster with moist fingers.

Cut all the fabrics into strips of different lengths and you can start by combining a short strip with a long one. Tie them together in a knot. Go through the article for full details and share it immediately after.

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