Raising LivestockCome Learn All About Raising Homesteading Ducks

Come Learn All About Raising Homesteading Ducks

Come learn all about raising homesteading ducks as a way to become more connected to your family’s food. Raising backyard ducks can be a rewarding experience and a great way to teach kids about nature, agriculture, and responsibility of caring for animals. Ducks are a great source of eggs, feathers and the option of meat is always present.

Come Learn All About Raising Homesteading Ducks

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It takes a mother to raise a baby, but to raise a livestock poultry birds, you only need motherly instinct and you’re good to go. Talk about ducklings, what’s the first thing that comes in your mind?  Cute? Yellow?

Honestly, ‘dirty and gross’ were the first words that may pop into some people’s head. But anything taken good care of couldn’t be that messy right? Well that’s what I thought so until I brought brooding ducks. Here’s how you raise chicks!

Place to live:

You need to set up a brooder to keep them. It’s not very difficult to get yourself one, put non-stick surface at the bottom, place a water can (reasonable height), little straw and their feed dish. The water dish shouldn’t be that shallow to prevent them from drowning.


Firstly, you need to get them non medicated chick feed, avoid as much chemicals you can on your newbie’s. Oats are good food as they balance the protein intake, as the ducks grow you can increase their eating quantity as well as add different mix to their food like brewer’s yeast, fresh greens, herbs, some fruit etc. They drink a lot of water to digest their food so make sure their water bowls are always filled with fresh water.


For chicks, you need a well maintained temperature. If you see them panting with their mouths open you need to turn down the heater, and if you see them running and huddling around, increase heat. With time as the ducks grow, you can manage the heat likewise.


They tend to be dirty, so you need to clean up their brooder at least a couple times a day. Seriously! They poop a lot and splash water everywhere. Every night you should scrub the brooder, refill water, change straw so they sleep well, during the day do mild cleanliness every now and then.

With time given, you will get reasonable experience on how to treat these adorable creatures, so happy egg gathering ! Duck eggs are delicious.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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