HerbalComfrey Balm So Good Its Almost Magic

Comfrey Balm So Good Its Almost Magic

One of natures most healing herbs can be turned into this awesome balm to heal so many ailments. Comfrey Balm, so good its almost magic is a must have around my house. Comfrey is also called knitbone or boneset because it helps to speed up recovery of a broken bone. It has been used for healing for thousands of years both externally and internally.

Comfrey Balm So Good Its Almost Magic

They now tell you to not take it internally because it can cause liver cancer. My family has used it both ways all my life and before and no one ever got liver cancer from it but that is what they say. So if you are worried, don’t take it internally. You can still make comfrey balm and use  it on just about any skin cut or irritation.

Fast healing of burns, scrapes, cuts and rashes. You should not use this if your cut is dirty or may have dirt in it as this balm helps heal fast and may seal the dirt inside.This is such a good balm for all sorts of  things needing healing , you can use it as a lip balm and it even helps my grand sons eczema.

Comfrey Balm, so good its almost magic.

You will need:
8 ounces coconut oil
4 ounces dried comfrey or 8 ounces of fresh comfrey (on a side note if you have space against a fence you can grow your own and then you can have fresh or dried when you need it)
2 ounces of shea butter
1 ounce of beeswax

Put oil, shea butter and comfrey in a sauce pan and turn on the heat as low as it will possible go. You need to do this at very low heat because simmering or boiling is too hot and will kill the healing power of the comfrey.
Let the mixture warm for an hour, you can leave it till it gets a nice green to it  but at least 1 hour. once the time is up strain the comfrey out of the oil and return the oil to the pan.
at the same temp. add the beeswax and stir till melted. Some recommend adding vitamin E oil as a preservative, I don’t because comfrey is a bit hard to keep on the shelf. I keep it in the fridge so it won’t spoil and it feels good going on cold.
Once the wax has melted pour your comfrey balm into tins or small jars with decent size opening ( like a baby food jar)
Then refrigerate. Just apply a thin layer when needed, helps chapped hands too.


For your convenience I have provided links for the items needed to make Comfrey Balm or they do make a comfrey ointment if you don’t want to make it. You can also grow comfrey, it makes a nice plant against a fence and has lilac colored flowers.

One 1 lb. Bag of Comfrey Leaf, Cut & Sifted, Certified Organic

Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 100% Organic, Extra Virgin, 32 Ounce

Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Comfrey Ointment, 2 Ounce

Organic True Comfrey Seeds: Non-GMO, Certified Organic Heirloom Seed Packet

Grow your own with the seeds

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