Natural RemediesComfrey and Calendula Poultice Natural Remedy Recipe

Comfrey and Calendula Poultice Natural Remedy Recipe

This very simple homemade Comfrey and Calendula Poultice Natural Remedy Recipe is amazing for muscle pains, reducing swelling, bruising and even healing broken bones.

Comfrey contains allantoin, a compound that helps heal wounds and broken bones. Apply fresh, washed and bruised leaves directly to wounds as a poultice, or as a paste of powdered leaves.

Calendula contains phytochemicals that reduce inflammation, guarding against infection, and stimulating cell growth. According to Jack Ritchason, N.D., calendula heals by the action of causing mild irritation, and drawing white blood cells to the injured tissue. This in turn reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

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How To Make Comfrey and Calendula Poultice Natural Remedy Recipe:
Crush equal parts Calendula flowers & Comfrey in a bowl or in a blender on low speed for one minute with enough filtered water to make a thick paste. Slowly add flour if you need to thicken ou got it too runny. Add the poultice to cheesecloth, gauze or a clean torn strip of sheet. Apply to the bruised skin and wrap loose enough not to constrict blood flow but firm enough to make sure poultice is in contact with skin.

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