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Common Aircon Mistakes to Avoid to Get the Most Out of Your Unit

Keeping your air conditioner’s performance smooth and running is done by doing more than just regular maintenance and check-ups. Most of the time, it involves making smart decisions when operating your unit and making sure that you maximize each and every aircon setting. But there are also times when avoiding common aircon mistakes can go a long way when it comes to getting the most out of your unit. 

Aircon Mistakes

While it’s always best to hire an aircon servicing expert once you experience problems, it’s still better to take the necessary steps to prevent performance issues from affecting your unit. Here are several common aircon mistakes to avoid to ensure your aircon stays in tip-top shape for a long period of time.


Buying the wrong air conditioner for your home


The first common mistake that is committed by many aircon owners happens before they even get to use the unit: buying the wrong aircon size and type. A lot of homeowners have fallen prey to the idea that having a large and oversized aircon should be helpful in cooling their room at a much faster rate than normal-sized units. But in reality, a bigger aircon and a small space aren’t exactly the perfect match. Since bigger aircons are extra capable and powerful when reducing humidity in a room, there’s a good chance that a room can get uneven levels of cooling and even ventilation. This can often result in poor breathing inside the room and extreme cooling that can lead to coughs and colds. So it’s always important to choose the right aircon size and type for your room’s cooling requirements. You can do this by measuring the area of your space and comparing it to the capacity of the aircon you’re eyeing.


Overworking the aircon through extreme thermostat settings


We know how tempting it can be to put your aircon’s cooling capacity in full blast during the summer season. With all that heat seeping into your skin and making you sweat every minute, it’s really hard not to rely on your aircon for extreme cooling and comfort. But sometimes doing this can also be the cause of your aircon’s early demise. Since you are setting the thermostat at the lowest setting, you are also requiring the aircon to work double time to give you cool air. When done consistently without any break, this can exert too much pressure on your unit, leading it to malfunction or power off altogether. The solution? Try switching up the aircon’s thermostat settings occasionally to give your unit some time to recover. Doing this will go a long way in helping you and your aircon stay cool for a long period of time!


Not using electric fans to cool the aircon off


Your aircon also needs some time to rest and recover from cooling your space. If it’s not a hot and humid day, you can use your electric fan to give your aircon a short break. You will not only prevent your aircon from overworking, you will also get to save more energy and power for your next month’s electricity bill. Sounds like a double win, right?


Not closing the windows or doors when using the aircon


Sounds like an obvious mistake to avoid every time right? Not quite. This common mistake still gets committed by even the most experienced aircon owner these days. When using your aircon to cool your room, it should be a no-brainer to remember to close the windows and doors at all times. Letting cool air pass through open doors and windows can be counterproductive and will only cause your aircon to exert double the effort just to cool your room. So if you’re also guilty of this common mistake, try to remind yourself to shut everything that cool air can pass through before even turning on your aircon.


Forgetting to schedule regular maintenance and checkups


Like any appliance in your home, performing monthly maintenance and checkups on your aircon unit is key to keeping it in perfect shape for a long time. While some aircon owners would normally schedule theirs quarterly or even yearly, waiting this long can give way to increased performance issues and can affect your unit altogether. That’s why it’s very important to clean your aircon regularly and have it checked to avoid additional repair costs down the line. Some of the usual red flags that signal it’s time for your machine to receive maintenance include aircon leaking water, low cooling capacity, damp or moldy smell and dirty air quality. If you happen to experience any of these, it’s best to call an aircon technician right away to help you diagnose the problem and prevent any further damage to the unit.

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