SeedsCommon Garden Seed Starting Problems Fixes

Common Garden Seed Starting Problems Fixes

These common garden seed starting problems fixes can be put to proper use to make strong healthy seedlings.

Common Garden Seed Starting Problems Fixes

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Many start their own garden, but some may find problems within their seeds. Some may falter after showing promise, while others simply remain smaller than it should be. They may not know that there are common reasons why it is the case. Here are a few of them:

• Lack of Germination

Wrong temperature, aged seeds, poor watering, and deepened depth are reasons for germination not happening effectively. The treatment of seeds varies, so make sure the right temperature is applied on them. If looking for long-term life of the seeds, have them in a place that is cold and dry. The same goes with watering them too little over overdoing it, as well as having the seeds buried too far or too high in the soil.

• Sprout Quick Death

Sprouts can wither and die quickly if, like the first problem, they are drowned in water or surrounded by too many other seeds. They need separation from other seeds to take in their share of water and air. Another reason is if the soil used hasn’t been cleaned to make sure there’s no disease from within.

• Seedlings Stay Tiny

It’s possible for seedlings to just not grow at all but still live on. Too much water and having the wrong temperature on them are two primary reasons (already mentioned), as well as the lack of nutrients the plant has.

• Seedlings Are Too Tall & Thin

The appearance of seedlings can also become a problem, as they start to produce leg-like steps from the bottom up. To keep the height even, have the plant turned around facing the sun to even it all out. Also, use a special growing light to expand on them.

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