Common Home Treatments for Bunnies


Domestic bunnies have been kept as pets by families for many years and they actually make pretty nice family animals. They don’t require a whole lot of fussing over them and while they are relatively healthy animals, they are susceptible to some things that all owners should be aware of. The more aware the rabbit owner is, the better it is for the rabbit in the long run and happy the family is.

Common Home Treatments for Rabbits

This article is from Crossroads Rabbitry and they shared it in order to help rabbit owners to be more aware of how look after their rabbit. The information contained in the article is written in a way that is not overly technical and is easy for the average layperson to understand. The information is invaluable and any rabbit owner should read this to ensure they know what to do for their rabbits.

Benefits of reading the Common Home Treatments for Bunnies

It discusses the two most common diseases that affect rabbits .
It list ways to prevent these diseases from occurring in order to keep them healthy.
It is a great resource for the care and treatment of the rabbit.


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