With Common Sense Planning, You Can Survive Hard Times


Hard times come in all forms but with some common sense pre planning a family can survive with hard work and determination. Our nation is struggling, unemployment is higher than our government is reporting, natural disasters are on the rise, multi generations of family members are living in one household … yes, times are rough but things could become worse. If you are not preparing already, please start now.

Have you thought about finances, preparing to live simply, storing up fuel, food storage, medical needs, stay at home emergencies, getting along comfortably without electricity, sanitary concerns, alternative lighting, water storage, vehicle emergencies, short term evacuation and long term evacuation.

This article also has a list of what to store for a year of food storage.

Jackie Clay from Backwoods Home magazine is a very wise woman who has selflessly shared her hard earned knowledge of self sufficiency with the world in hopes of helping people prepare for hard times.

With Common Sense Planning, You Can Survive Hard Times

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