GardeningCompanion Planting Around Fruit Trees for Beneficial Health

Companion Planting Around Fruit Trees for Beneficial Health

This insightful article about companion planting around fruit trees for beneficial health can really make a difference in a bountiful fruit harvest. It will help attract beneficial insects and fix soil nutrients problems.

Companion Planting Around Fruit Trees for Beneficial Health

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Having a backyard fruit orchard is a dream of many homestead gardeners. Fruit trees are sometimes delicate and can attract a myriad of problem bugs. Blemished or half eaten fruit can be common and spraying is often the first recourse for some gardeners. Keep reading to find other options.

Organic gardens support better fruit trees but will need companion plants to help establish a self sufficient cycle. Organic gardens in general can become a self sustaining system but when introducing fruit trees or any new crop, it’s a good idea to establish a perimeter of companion plants to ensure the right pests are in the garden.

Marigolds are the most common companion plant and work well with many fruit trees as well but there are some that are specific to the fruit you will be growing.

Apples and pears are related and suffer similar pest issues as well as needing pollinators. When choosing companion plants for them, ensure you are attracting pollinators as well. Fennel works for both plantings but there are a host of other companions, too, some of which also provide a side “crop,” like strawberries.

Peaches and nectarines need pollinators too. They also can use mini crops of strawberries and herbs as their companions. Plums are similar in needs to peaches so can use the same target-specific plants as companions. Cherries can suffer from the peach tree borer, named for its favorite host, the peach.

This can be helped with garlic which prevents boring insects. Read on to see some suggested companion plants for your fruit tree plot.

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