GardeningCompanion Planting Chart For Vegetables

Companion Planting Chart For Vegetables

Companion planting chart for vegetables is a quick reference for when you are planning and sketching your spring garden layout.

Companion vegetable plants help each other grow – For example: Tall  big leaf plants provide shade for sun sensitive shorter plants.

Companion vegetable plants help prevent damaging insects problems – For example:  Plants can repel certain insects that can damage a vegetable crop. Some insects detest certain vegetables and by planting them a vegetable they find delicious is one way to deal with the problem.  ( Think of it this way – if you put a dirty sock on a slice of pizza… your no longer going to want to eat that slice of pizza)

Companions vegetable plants attract beneficial insects – Planting certain vegetables near each other brings predators of damaging insects. (Predators will get a full belly eating the insects you want gone… winning situation for both)

Did you know that if you plant onions near carrots, it makes the carrots sweeter ?

Marigold (flower) benefits most vegetable crops including tomatoes, onions and beans, it enhances their flavors and repels bean beetles, aphids, potato bugs, squash bugs, nematodes, and maggots.

Companion Planting Chart For Vegetables

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Melissa Francis
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