Raising LivestockCompassionate Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Compassionate Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Many homesteaders have taken it upon themselves to embrace compassionate winter bird feeding and the tips to help make it easier. Winter time can be the hardiest season of the year to survive as a record breaking low temperatures have taken hold and food sources have become scarce.

Offering rich high energy foods such as the seeds listed below will help keep up their high metabolic rate which is an added element to keeping them warm. On cold, wintry days, most birds fluff up their feathers, creating air pockets that help keep the birds warm. The more air spaces, the better the insulation. Some birds perch on one leg, drawing the other leg to the breast for warmth. It is the main way birds increase their heat production while the bird is at rest.

Birds need to burn more calories in the winter just to stay warm. Nutritious winter foods for birds include:

  • Fruits

  • Black oil sunflower seed

  • Hulled peanuts

  • Niger seed

  • Suet mixes with seeds or fruit

  • Peanut butter

  • White millet seed

  • Safflower

  • Cracked corn

Compassionate Winter Bird Feeding Tips
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Stamp or shovel snow around feeders to provide easier access to spilled seed for ground feeding birds.

Birds can become dehydrated in winter even if surrounded by ice and snow. Putting out a pan of water near the feeder on warmer days is a terrific idea.

By providing trees, shrubs and bird houses, you can offer a safe place for birds to escape the elements.

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