CompostingComposting Chicken Droppings Manure in 18 Days Method

Composting Chicken Droppings Manure in 18 Days Method

The process of Composting Chicken Droppings Manure in 18 Days Method so it is ready to be folded into your homestead garden. It helps keep your chicken run clean and puts your chickens bodily waste to fertilizing your homestead garden by feeding the soil. It is all one big cycle…..

Composting Chicken Droppings Manure in 18 Days Method - Homesteading - Chickens

Compost is needed with different animals on the homestead, including chickens. It recycles things for fertilizer in different fields, like a chicken feed. Basically, the process of composting requires making a pile of wet matter including leaves, grass, and food scraps. The things needed for the compost has to be small to heat up and keep warm during the winter. You need Carbon and Nitrogen;a 30-to-1 ratio specifically.

The moisture in the pile has to be half the pile, but not soggy, yet not dry.To make the necessary heat, you need a big pile of wood, all chipped up, to keep the heat going.

The pile needs to be turned to prevent overheating and let air to flow in and out.Don’t make the pile too big because you risk killing the heat that is inside of it. You want the pile to end up as a nice finished product all at once.If done right, the pile will reach high temperatures in just 48 hours. If you can get into the pile two days after making it, then it is either too wet, too dry, or the pile doesn’t have enough nitrogen. If it’s too wet, you can rake it out to dry and put the pile back together; if too dry, just add some water. The pile should be earthy and not smell funky. Eventually, when it is right, you can use it to floor your chicken coop for them to walk over.

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